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3. Enjoy Sunrise or Sunset at Delicate Arch →

Delicate Arch is hands down the most famous arch in the park and arguably in the world. Depending on how you look at it, sunset can be the best or worst time of day. 

Sunset gives you the best light on the arch, but it is the most crowded time. We opted to avoid the crowd and try our luck at sunrise.

The 3-mile hike can be tricky to navigate in the dark since there are many portions where it’s easy to get lost, but we were able to make it to the Arch before sunrise, and we enjoyed the Arch peacefully with two other people.

Even when it’s crowded, the iconic arch is still worth visiting. However, the rest of the park has plenty of incredible rock formations, including arches, fins, balanced rocks, and more, without the crowds.

Photography Tip: If you go at sunrise, the best light happens before the sun rises over the horizon. After, you will get mixed lighting on the arch from the tall rocks to the left of it.

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